Russia deploys cutting-edge S-400 air defense system to Syrian base after Su-24 downing

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Russia deploys cutting-edge S-400 air defense system to Syrian base after Su-24 downing

Published time: 26 Nov, 2015 21:02

Source: Russia deploys cutting-edge S-400 air defense system to Syrian base after Su-24 downing — RT News

An S-400 air defence missile system is deployed for a combat duty at the Hmeymim airbase to provide security of the Russian air group's flights in Syria. © Dmitriy Vinogradov
Moscow has deployed its newest S-400 air defense missile system to Khmeimim in Syria as part of a security boost following the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey earlier this week.

“In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, today (on Monday) an S-400 air defense missile system has been promptly delivered, deployed and already began combat duty to provide cover for the area around the Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria,” General-Major Igor Konashenkov, Russia’s Ministry of Defense spokesman, said.

Commenting on the decision, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said there was previously no need for such measures, because “no-one imagined the Russian aircraft could be in danger. Russia would’ve brought S-400s to Syria a long time ago to protect its warplanes, if it entertained the possibility of a traitorous backstab.”

Putin reiterated, however, that the S-400 systems are not targeting Russia’s partners, “with whom we fight terrorists in Syria together.”

But the downing of the Russian Su-24 bomber by Turkey prompted Russia to “ensure the safety of our aircraft during their operations against IS [and] against terrorists LIH and other terrorist groups via more reliable means,” Defense Ministry spokesman Konahsenkov said in a media briefing.

The S-400 is the most advanced anti-aircraft defense system in Russia, and is unparalleled in the world.

It’s designed to ensure air defense using long- and medium-range missiles that can hit aerial targets, including tactical and strategic aircraft as well as ballistic and cruise missiles, at ranges of up to 400 kilometers.

The system consists of a set of radars, missile launchers and command posts, and is operated solely by the Russian military.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Su-24 was shot down by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet near the Turkish-Syrian border.

One Russian pilot was killed by Syrian rebels while parachuting, with the other one was rescued and delivered to Khmeimim airbase.

Despite claims from Ankara, Moscow maintains that its jet, which crashed in Syria, didn’t violate Turkey’s airspace.

READ MORE: Russian missile cruiser off Latakia coast, ready to destroy dangerous air targets – Defense Minister

Shortly after the incident, the MoD announced three steps which were to be taken following the attack on the Russian Su-24 bomber, including the provision of aerial cover by fighter jets for every airstrike, the boosting of air defense by deploying guided missile cruisers off the Latakia coast, and suspending all military-to-military contacts with Turkey.

Khmeimim airbase in Latakia, Syria, accommodates Russian Air Force squadrons of Su-27SM and Su-30 fighter jets, Su-34 and Su-24 tactical bombers, which are all taking part in airstrikes on Islamic State and other terror groups in the country.

The airbase is protected by state-of-the-art air defense systems and radars. Khmeimim also has a fully operational unit for maintaining fixed- and rotor-wing aircraft and providing logistical assistance to pilots.

IAF Policy: No Downing of Russian Aircraft Penetrating Israeli Airspace

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IAF Policy: No Downing of Russian Aircraft Penetrating Israeli Airspace

By: JNi.Media Published: November 26th, 2015

Source: The Jewish Press » » IAF Policy: No Downing of Russian Aircraft Penetrating Israeli Airspace

IAF aircraft during exercises, 11-26-15

IAF aircraft during exercises, 11-26-15
Photo Credit: IDF

Against the background of the Russian military presence in Syria, and possible fighting in the northern front, on Thursday the Israeli Air Force concluded its second annual exercise, which introduced the entire corps to current combat systems and battle scenarios. As part of the exercises, a senior Air Force officer clarified that when it comes to Russia, Israel will try its best to avoid friction, despite the increasing Russian military presence in neighboring Syria. According to the senior officer, the IDF has forged a clear policy of never downing a Russian plane, even if it has entered Israeli territory, Walla reported.

“Russia is a major player and can’t be ignored, so we’re making a separation—they’re minding their business, we’re minding our business,” the officer explained. “Our policy is that we do not attack or shoot down any Russian plane. Russia is not our enemy. We are trying to avoid going near them, so as not to force pilots into questionable situations, we don’t come near each other — they avoid us, and we avoid them.”

The officer added that the two sides, Israel and the Russians, maintain telephone contact. “We don’t inform them and we don’t ask for information,” he quickly emphasized. “We just do the work that needs to be done.”

However, the IAF exercise that began on Sunday and ended on Thursday was designed to maintain combat readiness at the northern arena, regardless of Russia’s presence. Air crews are preparing for combat in areas where various players in the Syrian civil war have positioned air defense systems, anti-aircraft missiles and shoulder-fired missiles. “I fear the things I do not know about,” said the senior officer, noting that “the ease with which we’ve been able to fly over enemy territory has been decreasing, and each system that tries to knock me down — is a challenge.”

Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President

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Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President

Source: Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President | Zero Hedge

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov is not one foreign minister known to mince his words. Just earlier today, 24 hours after a Russian plane was brought down by the country whose president three years ago said “a short-term border violation can never be a pretext for an attack”, had this to say: “We have serious doubts this was an unintended incident and believe this is a planned provocation” by Turkey.

But even that was tame compared to what Lavrov said to his Turkish counterparty Mevlut Cavusoglu earlier today during a phone call between the two (Lavrov who was supposed to travel to Turkey has since canceled such plans).

As Sputnik transcribes, according to a press release from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lavrov pointed out that, “by shooting down a Russian plane on a counter-terrorist mission of the Russian Aerospace Force in Syria, and one that did not violate Turkey’s airspace, the Turkish government has in effect sided with ISIS.

It was in this context when Lavrov added that “Turkey’s actions appear premeditated, planned, and undertaken with a specific objective.

More importantly, Lavrov pointed to Turkey’s role in the propping up the terror network through the oil trade. Per the Russian statement:

“The Russian Minister reminded his counterpart about Turkey’s involvement in the ISIS’ illegal trade in oil, which is transported via the area where the Russian plane was shot down, and about the terrorist infrastructure, arms and munitions depots and control centers that are also located there.”

Others reaffirmed Lavrov’s stance, such as retired French General Dominique Trinquand, who said that “Turkey is either not fighting ISIL at all or very little, and does not interfere with different types of smuggling that takes place on its border, be it oil, phosphate, cotton or people,” he said.

The reason we find this line of questioning fascinating is that just last week in the aftermath of the French terror attack but long before the Turkish downing of the Russian jet, we wrote about “The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking” in which we asked who is the one “breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying ISIS crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various “western alliance” governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed said middleman to continue funding ISIS for as long as it has?

Precisely one week later, in even more tragic circumstances, suddenly everyone is asking this question.

And while we patiently dig to find who the on and offshore “commodity trading” middleman are, who cart away ISIS oil to European and other international markets in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars, one name keeps popping up as the primary culprit of regional demand for the Islamic State’s “terrorist oil” – that of Turkish president Recep Erdogan’s son: Bilal Erdogan.

His very brief bio:

Necmettin Bilal Erdogan, commonly known as Bilal Erdogan (born 23 April 1980) is the third child of Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, the current President of Turkey.

After graduating from Kartal Imam Hatip High School in 1999, Bilal Erdogan moved to the US for undergraduate education. He also earned a Masters Degree in John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2004. After graduation, he served in the World Bank as intern for a while. He returned Turkey in 2006 and started to his business life. Bilal Erdogan is one of the three equal shareholders of “BMZ Group Denizcilik “, a marine transportation corporation.

Here is a recent picture of Bilal, shown in a photo from a Turkish 2014 article, which “asked why his ships are now in Syria”:

In the next few days, we will present a full breakdown of Bilal’s various business ventures, starting with his BMZ Group which is the name implicated most often in the smuggling of illegal Iraqi and Islamic State through to the western supply chain, but for now here is a brief, if very disturbing snapshot, of both father and son Erdogan by F. William Engdahl, one which should make everyone ask whether the son of Turkey’s president (and thus, the father) is the silent mastermind who has been responsible for converting millions of barrels of Syrian Oil into hundreds of millions of dollars of Islamic State revenue.

By F. William Engdahl, posted originally in New Eastern Outlook:

Erdogan’s Dirth Dangerous ISIS Games

More and more details are coming to light revealing that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, variously known as ISIS, IS or Daesh, is being fed and kept alive by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President and by his Turkish intelligence service, including MIT, the Turkish CIA. Turkey, as a result of Erdogan’s pursuit of what some call a Neo-Ottoman Empire fantasies that stretch all the way to China, Syria and Iraq, threatens not only to destroy Turkey but much of the Middle East if he continues on his present path.

In October 2014 US Vice President Joe Biden told a Harvard gathering that Erdogan’s regime was backing ISIS with “hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons…” Biden later apologized clearly for tactical reasons to get Erdo?an’s permission to use Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base for airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, but the dimensions of Erdogan’s backing for ISIS since revealed is far, far more than Biden hinted.

ISIS militants were trained by US, Israeli and now it emerges, by Turkish special forces at secret bases in Konya Province inside the Turkish border to Syria, over the past three years. Erdo?an’s involvement in ISIS goes much deeper. At a time when Washington, Saudi Arabia and even Qatar appear to have cut off their support for ISIS, they remaining amazingly durable. The reason appears to be the scale of the backing from Erdo?an and his fellow neo-Ottoman Sunni Islam Prime Minister, Ahmet Davuto?lu.

Nice Family Business

The prime source of money feeding ISIS these days is sale of Iraqi oil from the Mosul region oilfields where they maintain a stronghold. The son of Erdogan it seems is the man who makes the export sales of ISIS-controlled oil possible.

Bilal Erdo?an owns several maritime companies. He has allegedly signed contracts with European operating companies to carry Iraqi stolen oil to different Asian countries. The Turkish government buys Iraqi plundered oil which is being produced from the Iraqi seized oil wells. Bilal Erdogan’s maritime companies own special wharfs in Beirut and Ceyhan ports that are transporting ISIS’ smuggled crude oil in Japan-bound oil tankers.

Gürsel Tekin vice-president of the Turkish Republican Peoples’ Party, CHP, declared in a recent Turkish media interview, “President Erdogan claims that according to international transportation conventions there is no legal infraction concerning Bilal’s illicit activities and his son is doing an ordinary business with the registered Japanese companies, but in fact Bilal Erdo?an is up to his neck in complicity with terrorism, but as long as his father holds office he will be immune from any judicial prosecution.” Tekin adds that Bilal’s maritime company doing the oil trades for ISIS, BMZ Ltd, is “a family business and president Erdogan’s close relatives hold shares in BMZ and they misused public funds and took illicit loans from Turkish banks.”

In addition to son Bilal’s illegal and lucrative oil trading for ISIS, Sümeyye Erdogan, the daughter of the Turkish President apparently runs a secret hospital camp inside Turkey just over the Syrian border where Turkish army trucks daily being in scores of wounded ISIS Jihadists to be patched up and sent back to wage the bloody Jihad in Syria, according to the testimony of a nurse who was recruited to work there until it was discovered she was a member of the Alawite branch of Islam, the same as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who Erdogan seems hell-bent on toppling.

Turkish citizen Ramazan Bagol, captured this month by Kurdish People’s Defence Units,YPG, as he attempted to join ISIS from Konya province, told his captors that said he was sent to ISIS by the ‘Ismailia Sect,’ a strict Turkish Islam sect reported to be tied to Recep Erdogan. Baol said the sect recruits members and provides logistic support to the radical Islamist organization. He added that the Sect gives jihad training in neighborhoods of Konya and sends those trained here to join ISIS gangs in Syria.

According to French geopolitical analyst, Thierry Meyssan, Recep Erdogan “organised the pillage of Syria, dismantled all the factories in Aleppo, the economic capital, and stole the machine-tools. Similarly, he organised the theft of archeological treasures and set up an international market in Antioch…with the help of General Benoît Puga, Chief of Staff for the Elysée, he organised a false-flag operation intended to provoke the launching of a war by the Atlantic Alliance – the chemical bombing of la Ghoutta in Damascus, in August 2013. “

Meyssan claims that the Syria strategy of Erdo?an was initially secretly developed in coordination with former French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé and Erdogan’s then Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu, in 2011, after Juppe won a hesitant Erdogan to the idea of supporting the attack on traditional Turkish ally Syria in return for a promise of French support for Turkish membership in the EU. France later backed out, leaving Erdogan to continue the Syrian bloodbath largely on his own using ISIS.

Gen. John R. Allen, an opponent of Obama’s Iran peace strategy, now US diplomatic envoy coordinating the coalition against the Islamic State, exceeded his authorized role after meeting with Erdogan and “promised to create a “no-fly zone” ninety miles wide, over Syrian territory, along the whole border with Turkey, supposedly intended to help Syrian refugees fleeing from their government, but in reality to apply the “Juppé-Wright plan”. The Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, revealed US support for the project on the TV channel A Haber by launching a bombing raid against the PKK.” Meyssan adds.

There are never winners in war and Erdogan’s war against Syria’s Assad demonstrates that in bold. Turkey and the world deserve better. Ahmet Davutoglu’s famous “Zero Problems With Neighbors” foreign policy has been turned into massive problems with all neighbors due to the foolish ambitions of Erdogan and his gang. 

Muslim terrorist prepares to fight Israel by eating snake

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Muslim terrorist prepares to fight Israel by eating snake, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, November 26, 2015

(Please see Watch: Terror recruits eat live snakes in Fatah promo video. PETA could not be reached for comment on the Muslim problem. In other news, today is Thanksgiving and there is little news. Thus far.– DM)


It’s sad that the PLO has been reduced to cannibalism.

Serial killers start by torturing animals. So do Muslim Jihadists. One of the stranger training methods of Muslim soldiers and terrorists is eating animals alive. (I wish I was making this up.)

A while back Rumsfeld posted a video that Saddam had given him of Assad’s soldiers biting the heads off snakes and stabbing puppies to death. Similar videos before the Six Day War, showed Syrian soldiers torturing cats and puppies.

None of this prepared them for the actual task of fighting Israel, because the Israeli soldiers weren’t cats or puppies. Also the accused Zionist infidels had guns and superior fighting skills because they had been training to fight battles, instead of mutilate animals.

But the PLO, a terror organization funded by PLO taxpayers, still thinks animal cruelty is the answer to all the problems of life.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement apparently sees biting and chewing on a snake as a sign of military prowess – and included it in a new terror promotion video it posted on its Facebook page. It seems that the snake eating exemplifies what it takes to be “heroes of a mighty people” – the lyrics of the song in the background as the Fatah fighter eats the snake.

But was the snake Halal? Still if the PLO ever comes under attack by snakes, their terrorists now have the training to handle it. They can get down in the dirt and try to eat the snakes before the snakes eat them. Frankly I’m rooting for the snakes. The actual snakes are more honest than the PLO snakes.

This is just the latest example of homicidal craziness turned up by Palestinian Media Watch.

This reminds me of Egypt’s top executioner discussing how he started out in his line of work.

When I was young – about 13 or 14 years old – the dry Ismailiya Canal in Shubra Al-Kheima still had water in it. My hobby was to catch a cat, to place a rope around its neck, to strangle it, and throw it into the water. I would get hold of any animal – even dogs. I would strangle these animals and throw them into the water – even dogs.

Strangulation was my hobby. When I applied for the job and did well on the tests – proving that I could take the psychological pressure and so on – they said: “Congratulations. Now, grow a moustache.”

Surprise. The Muslim world is very screwed up. It’s not oppressed by inequality or colonialism. Many parts of it are a barbaric medieval place.

Watch: Terror recruits eat live snakes in Fatah promo video

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Watch: Terror recruits eat live snakes in Fatah promo video, Israel National News, November 26, 2015

(The snake eating is at 0:23 into the video. The brave Soldier for Abbas Allah appears to have eaten only a little bit of one small snake. Showing a complete lack of fairness, the snake seems not to have been offered even a little bite of him. — DM)

What makes a good terrorist? According to the PA chair’s terrorist group, abducting Israelis and eating live snakes are key traits.

Israel has seen its fair share of Arab terrorists, but Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction apparently is seeking to redefine the trade – and an essential skill for the job appears to be the ability to eat live snakes.

The stunning spectacle was displayed in a new video promoting terrorism posted on the official Fatah Facebook page last week, which was translated and revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) on Thursday.

As the Fatah terrorist is shown taking a bite out of the snake, the words “heroes of a mighty people” are heard sung in the background, evidently indicating that no Palestinian hero is complete without an appetite for poisonous serpents.

The video also shows Fatah terrorists practicing abducting an Israeli through a tunnel, running various drills and firing weapons, and in general preparing to launch terror attacks against Israelis.

In the background, the following song can be heard: “These are the soldiers of the Nidal Division Sons of Yasser (Arafat), Abu Amar; Lions standing guard in the battle field…; They inflicted disasters upon the oppressor; They are the heroes of a mighty people…; Volcanoes and fires against the occupier; A sniper unit in the battalions does not fear death…; They are the heroes of a mighty people…; Using RPGs and booby-traps, they did not leave even one settlement.”

The timing of the video’s revelation is particularly noteworthy, as just this Wednesday a senior IDF officer called to arm and militarily strengthen the PA, which like Fatah is led by Abbas.

The recommendation raised a storm, particularly given that the establishment of the PA and the influx of weapons to its security forces in the 1994 Oslo Accords fueled the murder of over a thousand Jews in the 2000 Second Intifada terror war; a PA official in 2013 bragged that 70% of the terrorists behind attacks in the first year of the terror war were PA security officers armed by Israel.

Iran threatens to walk away from nuke deal

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Iran threatens to walk away from nuke deal, Washington ExaminerPete Kasperowicz, November 26, 2015

A top Iranian official warned Thursday that Iran would stop its efforts to comply with the Iran nuclear agreement unless international inspectors stop their investigation into Iran’s past work on its nuclear program.

Under the deal, inspectors were instructed to examine the “possible military dimensions” of Iran’s nuclear program, or PMDs.

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano is expected to release a new report on Iran’s nuclear program on Dec. 1. Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Seyyed Abbas Araqchi, warned that if the Dec. 1 report doesn’t close the file on PMDs, Iran will walk away.

“In case Yukiya Amano or the Board of Governors presents their report in such a way that it does not meet the stipulated commitments, the Islamic Republic of Iran will also stop [the implementation of] the JCPOA,” he said, according to PressTV, Iran’s state-owned news service.

The JCPOA is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, informally known as the Iran deal.

Iran’s new threat could be a significant problem for the implementation of the deal. On the same day Araqchi spoke, Amano delivered remarks in Vienna in which he said it’s still not clear how much undeclared nuclear material might exist in Iran.

“As my latest report on safeguards implementation in Iran shows, the agency continues to verify the non-diversion of nuclear material declared by Iran under its Safeguards Agreement,” IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said in a prepared statement in Vienna, Austria.

“But we are not in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran, and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities,” he added.

Amano has made similar remarks all year, and it’s a strong sign that Iran has yet to fully cooperate with inspectors under the Iran nuclear agreement.

Sweden’s Muslim Christmas Show

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Sweden’s Muslim Christmas Show, The Gatestone InstituteIngrid Carlqvist, November 26, 2015

(Please see also, German politician OPENLY brag about replacing the German people. — DM)

  • What finally seems to be dawning on the Swedes is that while the government puts the right to asylum before the safety of its own people, the country could be filling up terrorists.
  • “No, ‘Sweden’ has not been naïve. You, your party and your coalition partners have been naïve and you still are.” — Mattias Karlsson, Parliamentary group leader of the Sweden Democrats.
  • The announcement that a person such as Dirawi, who professes to be of the Islamic faith, and who according to Islamic scholars must believe the celebration of the birth of Christ is a heathen tradition, will be Christmas Host, sparked feelings of anger and betrayal.

From the night of the Paris attacks until Tuesday, when Sweden’s government announced it was reversing its open-borders policy, Sweden was in a state of turmoil. No matter what the government said, it accomplished nothing — other than making the Swedes increasingly livid.

When Prime Minister Stefan Löfven accused his people of being naïve about radical Islamism, anger exploded on social media. You could read comments such as: “No. Some of you have been naïve. The rest of us have been labeled fascists and other ugly things.”

The shock and horror of the Paris attacks — in which one Swedish woman was among the 130 dead and another among the 350 wounded — had barely subsided when the Swedish people received another blow. On November 18, a grim Security Service Chief, Anders Thornberg, held a press conference during which he revealed that a combat-trained ISIS terrorist was suspected of having entered Sweden and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Because of this, Thornberg had raised the threat level in Sweden from three to four on a scale of five — meaning the country was now facing the highest “threat level” since the scale was introduced in 2010.

The Security Service Chief, as well as various Ministers, then urged people not to be alarmed. The suggestion had little effect. Rumors ran rampant on Facebook and other social media that police in Stockholm had told their family members to “stay away from the inner city for the next four or five days as the threat was a lot more serious than what had been made public; apparently they are looking for more terrorists, about 20 people; you need to decide for yourselves. In any event, the threat is bigger than what was shown on the news.”

The next day, the Stockholm subway, which normally transports 1.2 million passengers a day, was rather desolate. Then, on November 20, the Security Service confirmed that an attack had indeed been planned to take place in Stockholm.

The day after the nationwide alert, the suspected ISIS terrorist was apprehended. It turned out that he had sought asylum in Sweden under the name Mutar Muthanna Majid, and had been living for several weeks at an asylum seekers’ home in the small mining village of Boliden in northern Sweden.

Only after the arrest did Prime Minister Stefan Löfven speak out in public. During a press conference, he announced stricter anti-terror laws to deal with foreign Islamist extremists, which he now admitted posed the biggest threat to Sweden, and not the only one:

“We know that about 300 Swedish citizens have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside ISIL. We also know that about 120 have returned. The Security Service believes that among them, there are individuals who pose a threat to our society and have also committed crimes against people in other countries. It is unacceptable that people can travel, participate in terrorist acts and come back without being held accountable — and drain the society of large resources.”

Next, the Prime Minister claimed that “Sweden has been naïve,” conveniently forgetting that he had called those who were not naïve — those who had expressed concern about the Islamization of Sweden — “racists” and “Islamophobes.” He also neglected to mention that as far back as May, Security Service chief Anders Thornberg had raised the alarm that Sweden could not handle any more jihadism. At the time, Thornberg had also expressed concern that foreign jihadis would take advantage of the Swedish asylum system — through which more than 90% of applicants lack identification documents but still got permanent residency — by hiding among the refugees.

A few days after Mutar Muthanna Majid, the suspected terrorist, was arrested, the District Attorney dismissed the Security Service’s evidence against him. On November 22, Majid was released and all charges dropped. A columnist from the daily Dagens Nyheter, Lasse Wierup, called the Security Service’s conduct “astonishingly unprofessional.”

Even as the mass immigration of Muslims to Sweden increased at an explosive rate during the last few years, the government kept stubbornly insisting that it did not entail any problems. According to the government, everyone was the same, and it did not matter if Sweden was populated by Swedes or by Muslim Somalis, Iraqis or Afghans. Those who insisted otherwise were ruthlessly branded “racists” and “Islamophobes.”

Finally, last week, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven stood up on live television, and said:

“I must say that Sweden has been naïve in this regard. Maybe it has been hard for us to accept that in our open society, right in our midst, there are people, Swedish citizens, who sympathize with the murderers of ISIL.”

In response to questions from Gatestone Institute about who, exactly, was being called naïve, Mr. Löfven’s press secretary, Dan Lundqvist Dahlin, said that the Prime Minister had in mind “Swedes in general.” When asked if that meant Löfven was blaming the Swedish people for the peril the country was now in, Dahlin replied: “The Prime Minister says that we have been naïve in Sweden. He means me and you and you and you and you!”

When asked if that meant he was accusing the Swedish people of being naïve, Dahlin said:

“But can’t you see what I mean? It is not an accusation. If someone feels accused, that is his problem. I suppose he means politicians and everyone else.”

The Prime Minister’s statement seemed to outrage many Swedes. The hashtag #naiv (“naïve”) immediately started trending on Twitter, and people began posting comments such as:

  • “I haven’t been ‪#naiv so don’t drag me into this.”
  • “‘Sweden has been naïve’? No, you have betrayed your country.”
  • “I have been called many things over the years, but this is the first time I have been called naïve. By the Prime Minister no less. Not bad.”
  • “Why is Löfven saying that ‘Sweden’ has been naïve? Very, very many have warned about exactly the situation we are now in!”

The only political party that warned about the Islamization of Sweden was the Sweden Democrats, and it has consistently been shut out of all consultations. During the press conference, Löfven called for national unity and invited all the opposition parties to talks — except the Sweden Democrats. He even said:

“In moments such as this, it is important that Sweden stands united. There is no room for partisan squabbling or party politics here. That is why I have invited the right wing-bloc for talks on how to fight terrorism.”

The Sweden Democrats’ Parliamentary group leader, Mattias Karlsson, wrote on Facebook: “No, ‘Sweden’ has not been naïve. You, your party and your coalition partners have been naïve and you still are.”

Karlsson reminded the public of the massive criticism of the Sweden Democrats, when its members recently handed out flyers to migrants in southern Europe. The flyers — signed by the Sweden Democrats and “the people of Sweden” — urged asylum seekers not to go to Sweden. Journalists and politicians then attacked the party for speaking on behalf of “the people.”

“Judging by the media storm and the comments of government representatives about our flyer the other week,” Karlsson wrote, “I got the impression that speaking in the name of the Swedish people was utterly terrible, but apparently, that was not the case.”

Löfven, appearing on the newscast TV4 News, was asked if stricter border controls should have been introduced earlier, to prevent terrorists from entering Sweden. Löfven was evasive, but the question was actually inaccurate.

The border controls Sweden had introduced in past, meant, in reality, nothing. The borders were as wide open as ever to anyone claiming to seek asylum. The flow of migrants was as big as before: 10,000 new asylum seekers a week.

While the mainstream media is careful to avoid telling the public about this, Dispatch International recently broke the story that at the Öresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark, the border police performed only random checks — and only on people not claiming to seek asylum. The people who claimed to seek asylum were not checked at all. They were simply transported to an Immigration Service facility. There, they were fingerprinted and photographed; however, as very few of the asylum seekers actually have passports or other identification documents, it takes months even to get a “probable” identification.

While the identity of the asylum seekers was being investigated, they were not held. On the contrary, although many are actual refugees or honestly seeking better lives, they all were sent to various asylum facilities around the country, where, if some wished, they were free to plan any terrorist acts they liked in peace and quiet. For example, Mutar Muthanna Majid, the man who a few days ago had been suspected of being a terrorist, even had his own apartment in the Boliden village — with his name on the door.

Instead of closing Sweden’s borders, Löfven kept pressing for a redistribution of Sweden’s asylum seekers throughout the EU. He called the EU countries that did not have open borders (all except Sweden, Germany and Austria) “irresponsible.” He apparently did not reflect on the idea that the responsible thing might, in fact, have been to protect your own people, and put their well-being first.

Keeping the country’s borders wide open and calling terrified people “racists” and “Islamophobes,” while claiming “we have been naïve,” did not exactly increase the Prime Minister’s popularity. The daily Metro recently reported that Löfven’s Social Democrats now have only 21.4% of Swedish voters on their side, while the Sweden Democrats reached a new record of 26.7%. Moreover, according to the same survey, despite people tending to rally around their leaders in times of crisis, Löfven has become one of the government’s least popular ministers – in 21st place out of 24. His Deputy Prime Minister, Green Party leader Åsa Romson, is the most unpopular.

The poll also showed that more and more Swedes believe that the most important political issue right now is the migrant problem. Since the last poll a month ago, the number of people believing this has grown to 64%, an increase of 8% since October.

What finally seems to be dawning on the Swedes is that while the government puts the right to asylum before the safety of its own people, the country could be filling up terrorists.

To add insult to injury, Swedes have just found out that the host of the Christmas Show on Swedish Public Television — a very prestigious role designed mainly to comfort lonely people who do not have anyone with whom to celebrate Christmas — will this year be a young Muslim woman, Gina Dirawi, aged 24. Regrettably, on several occasions she has made anti-semitic remarks, yet she nevertheless keeps getting new TV hosting assignments.

1364Swedish Public Television’s appointment as Christmas Host of Gina Dirawi, who professes to be of the Islamic faith, and who according to Islamic scholars must believe the celebration of the birth of Christ is a heathen tradition, sparked feelings of anger and betrayal in Swedes. (Image source: Expressen video screenshot)

The Public Service director, Safa Safiyari, who recently introduced Dirawi to a large press gathering, came to Sweden at the age of 14. In newspaper articles, he has spoken about how he does not feel “fancy” enough for the Swedish archipelago; and how, in 2001, when he got to do current affairs shows for young people about “all the injustices in Sweden,” it felt as if it were revenge for all the injustices he said he has experienced in Sweden and that still characterize his life.

The announcement that a person such as Dirawi, who professes to be of the Islamic faith and who according to Islamic scholars must believe that the celebration of the birth of Christ is a heathen tradition, will be Christmas Host, sparked widespread expressions of anger and disappointment on social media. Comments were posted on Twitter, such as: “Public Television has declared war on Christian Sweden by choosing Muslim Gina Dirawi as Christmas Host! It is shameful!” And, “If things continue down this road, by next Christmas, Christmas ham will be banned.”

Safa Safiyari told the daily Göteborgs-Posten, that Swedish Public Television had been prepared for all kinds of reactions: “We have chosen Gina Dirawi as Christmas Host based on her competence, her comedic talents and experience in large television broadcasts. When we hire our Christmas Hosts, religious belief is not something we inquire about.”


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